Kate is a wedding photographer first.  She fell for wedding 8 years ago, in California, after being asked to come along to second shoot. Before weddings she was shooting senior portraits, flowers and seashells with her film SLR.  She relocated to Seattle in 2009 after completing her studies in Horticulture at California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. She began pursuing associate opportunities in 2011. Shooting weddings as an associate photographer means that she can focus on what she is best at, shooting weddings.Over her wedding career she’s developed some very useful wedding skills.  She can pin a boutonnière on a groom, tie up the most complicated bustle, and start a dance party anywhere.

Kate married Dan in 2008, and had a pre-Pinterest barn wedding. They had their first child, Willa in 2015.  Currently The Ford Family has two kitties and one papillon mutt, they lost their sweet old pups Sam and Sierra in 2012 and 2014, respectively. Dan plays guitar and brews his own beer. Kate enjoys kitting and reading, but she does less of that now. Willa is a projectile vomiter who loves watching cars and squeaky toys.

Image by Angela and Evan